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    luis barragán: casa gálvez (ciudad de méxico, 1955)

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  2. Oysters. 

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  3. One of my favorite shots from @tales_of_the_cocktail - I rarely take (good) photos of people, but I loved her retro look. I also love that her red locks match the copper pineapple from the @absolut_us #houseofelyx #elyx #totc #totc2014 #driiiiinks #cocktails

  4. Breakfast in Bed

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  5. Because, Veuve.

  6. Like a Lady..

  7. It’s a good day here at Gastro HQ. @mouthfoods

  8. BK II

  9. BK

  10. Monday.

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  11. This is the move at Pok Pok: Tiger and shot of Lao Saporot - House Pineapple Infused Rice Whiskey. (at Pok Pok Ny)

  12. Coconut Selfie Part Deux. #latergram w/ @sklansky @tales_of_the_cocktail #totc #totc2014

  13. Erin Rose might be the best dive bar on the planet. (at Erin Rose Irish Pub)

  14. Frozen Irish Coffee with a Tia Maria Floater. Insanely delicious. #totc #totc2014 #TiaEspresso w/ @penumbra12 and @annaliz8 (at Erin Rose Nola)

  15. Refreshing afternoon pick me up: 1.5 oz @tiamariadrink , topped with soda water, garnished with a lime wedge by Mario Suazo of the legendary Napoleon House in New Orleans. #newfavorite #totc #totc2014 (at Napoleon House)