1. George Washington was quite the guy. President, Architect, Businessman, Distiller, Entertainer… (at Mount Vernon Mansion)

  2. Dogwoods A-Bloom (at Mount Vernon Mansion)

  3. Why yes, you ARE in a liquourified Met cocktail party, and its called Gastronomista! Thanks so much to @foodriot and @unicornbitters for including Gastronomista on your Best Booze Blogs of the Internet list! You’ve made this girl blush! Xxxxxxxx

  4. A Spicy Preview…#TabascoTastemakers

  5. Hello, lover. #milenio1800

  6. Martini Time. 

  7. yes.

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  8. It’s time for an adventure…

  9. Beet Gravlax. Because a girl’s gotta eat too.

  10. The San Miguel is my favorite: an old fashioned with @casadragones #DragonesBlanco, celery bitters, agave, and a grapefruit twist. And some badass ice. Crazy delicious. (at PDT)

  11. I’ve had a major obsession with Basil for years now, and have tried to put it in pretty much everything edible.  Yogurt, Ice Cream (which is delicious), and of course spirit.  I tried a few failed attempts at making Basil Liqueur, which always ended badly and went down the drain.

    Basil Gin was the first infusion I made with the Sous Vide, following the recipe from The Cocktail Lab by Tony Conigliaro, but of course I grabbed the gorgeous Opal Basil at the market!  It’s quite simple: wash  basil, put basil in sous vide bag, add gin, squeeze out air, seal bag, throw in sous vide, strain.  Presto!  Basil Gin!

    The gin picks up a yellowish green tint from the Basil, and if you’re really hard core you’d throw that in a centrifuge to get all of the chlorophyll particles out of your spirit.  I’m still working on getting a centrifuge, so my Basil Gin stays green.  

    The Opal Basil Gin does very well in a Gimlet, the basil giving it just another layer of herbaceous flavor, and the fresh lime adding the citrus-y zip. Garnish with a clipping of the top of the basil plant, right where it begins to blossom, adding more of that sweet basil aroma to the cocktail. 


    Get the recipe on Gastronomista>>

  12. Let them eat cake.

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  13. bottlecollection:


    I love the new Our Project - so smart!

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