3. Cheers #nyc. Today was a good day. Xx (at Pier 3 - Brooklyn Bridge Park)

  4. Fun stuff coming your way. 🍹 w/ @jugoe #glassbackwards

    Thank you @iriscafenyc for the hospitality! (at Iris Cafe)


  6. Sullen classical guitar player at the gorgeous #LasRocasGarnacha dinner at Toro. @BSanAlejandro (at Toro NYC)

  8. Orange Queen

  9. Mint Juleps tonight, because it’s still summer.

  10. #nyc

  11. Honey Solera Aged Daiquiris to tempt you to drink rum today, as if you needed tempting. {Link in Profile} #iknowyou #cocktails #cocktailhour #driiiiinks #nationalrumday

  12. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. Watermelons Bombs w/ @zacaparum, @aperolusa, @angosturausa, coconut water, and @mmbitters! This week, I earned this. Ridiculous flamingo straws and all. {Link in profile} X

  13. Provisioning for your summer picnics??  Use the code GASTRO15 at www.mouth.com to save 15% on EVERYTHING (including booze)!!!!

    You’re welcome!

  14. summer

  15. Fancy @Ludlowsofficial cocktail jello shots, because, #humpday! Support them on kick starter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/385252424/jelly-shots-by-ludlows-cocktail-co #cocktails #happyhour #jello #jelloshots #driiiiinks #eeeeeats