1. This. Is.  Everything.


    Shirley MacLaine and Robert Mitchum in What a Way to Go! (1964)

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  3. Just a girl and her @aperolusa spritz 🍹 (at L’Apicio)

  4. vintagegal:

    A group of Playboy Bunnies at a dinner for the Motion Picture Pioneers Association at the Playboy Club in New York, 1962

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  5. Maya Deren, At Land, 1944

    me, this weekend.

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  7. to the last harrah of summer!

  8. swans

  9. Watermelon Spritzes from the Curious Cocktail Cabinet at @saxonandparole by @masanyc. Cold pressed watermelon juice, @aperolusa, basil shrub, and fresh cucumber. Wonderfully refreshing and I love the combo of savory and sweet! (at Saxon + Parole)

  10. #regram from @mouthfoods and @PerniciousPikls thank you for sharing my Pickle Juice Martini 🍸!! xx

  11. Dita.

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    A couple kissing at the bar, 1956. 

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  13. No Caption Necessary.

  14. Because, whiskey.

  15. Cold Beetroot Ramen and killer hand painted letters &veg at @bassaNYC (at Smorgasburg Pier 5 Brookly Bridge Park)